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The rise of Hiking Footwear brands in Fashion

It’s all the rage.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Aug 3, 2022

It seems that in the past year or two, there’s been a considerable surge in hiking — and consequently, consumers have been embracing the sneakerboot. Not necessarily a new category of footwear, but one that is seeing a revival for being stylish and functional.


Though in the first half of 2020 hiking footwear sales dropped significantly because of lockdowns, the second half saw an uptick, as social distancing allowed communities to gather outside.


Sales of traditional hiking boots have increased, but companies large and small and across the board have also noticed a significant increase in the market for sneakerboots, which are sometimes known as “light hike,” a pair of shoes made for day hikes on the trails but also for crossover appeal in other areas of life. Many companies have adopted these kinds of designs, from Timberland, Hoka, Merrell, Salomon, and Forsake.


To prevent foot fatigue and sliding, the midsole of a sneakerboot should have high traction and stability. The requirements call for a sturdy, lugged outsole along with a midsole shank and minimally bulky material.


Another feature that customers are demanding in the light hike is waterproofing, which not only enhances comfort and lessens blisters on hikes, but also makes the shoes perfect for a lifestyle alternative in the city on a rainy day. When it comes to hiking, having waterproof boots is actually extremely important for durability and comfort, but that’s a feature that can definitely be welcome to versatile uses of sneakers whether or not consumers go hiking in them.


This is why we have been seeing a rise in hiking footwear brands in fashion. This kind of footwear has been penetrating the market due to the fact that the demand for it is very high right now.


Many shoppers are looking for a hiking shoe that can be used for anything, from mountain biking to hiking, from city to trail, or from mountain to party. Some new customers are mostly looking to visit national parks around the country and want a basic hiking boot.


Lightweight and quick hiking boots, multisport adventure shoes, and even heavier backpacking boots are all in demand. However, it makes sense that hiking boots that are reasonable in both technical qualities and price point are actually on the increase to match the big uptick in new customers all trying to spend more time in the big outdoors.


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