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The secret player on the England National Football team

Meet Justin Carr, the team’s barber.

words by: Radhiya Sabnani
Oct 24, 2019

Justin Carr is the founder of That Feeling, one of the best barbershops in the UK. He is known as the athlete barber to the rest of the barber world. When the England national football team needs a trim, their only barber of choice is Justin.


@getsquire: First and foremost, if you were not a #barber then what would you be doing instead?

“Something creative,” @justcuts replied instantly. Whether it’s photography or music, he for sure would be doing something artistic.


@getsquire: Can you describe your #barber style in three words?

 @justcuts: It’s clean, unique, and stylish…just like the golden fronts he rocks.


@getsquire: What tools do you need for absolutely any cut?

@justcuts chooses clippers, scissors, and tape to shape designs as the most important tools to have. In terms of the full set, however, he uses trimmers, razors, scissors, hairdryers, and much more.


@getsquire: How would you describe your cutting process (either step by step, or generally)?

@justcuts likes to start off with a client consultation and picture references, so he knows exactly what the customer wants. For a typical skin fade, he likes to work in numbers rather than just going off of the hair itself. He usually draws a skin line around the head, about 7 meters apart and 2 centimeters wide. Then he takes the heavy line through the hair and works on the fade. He also uses the corners of the clippers to create a fade, which he believes is a unique choice.


@getsquire: What is the easiest cut to give and what is the most difficult?

When it comes to the easiest cuts to give, @justcuts chooses the customers he already knows and has established a relationship with because he can better understand what they like. On the other hand, he believes the most difficult haircut to give is to someone that doesn’t know what they want because they may not like the final product. “The thing that gives me gratitude is knowing my client is satisfied and happy with the outcome,” Justin said.


@getsquire: How different is it to cut away from a #barbershop and what are the differences?

@justcuts notes that a huge challenge about working outside of a barbershop is lighting. “I made sure I paid for extra lights and that they work” to eliminate shadows when giving a cut. He also mentions that the lack of a mirror makes it difficult to see the shape of the cut. 


@getsquire: Do you have a favorite texture of hair that you like to cut?

@justcuts prefers to cut hair of mixed race individuals. As someone who is mixed himself, he believes he can successfully work with their hair and execute a fade that will look good.


@getsquire: What is your favorite cut to give?

His preferences have shifted over the years, but at the moment @justcuts chooses a skin fade because it is a popular look.