What we know about ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 3 so far

It’s worth a watch on music direction alone.

words by: Kayla Carmicheal
May 29, 2022

If you’ve been a reader for a while, you know we’re pretty into comic books. Especially comic books that get turned into hit streaming shows. Like the one about a family of adult superhumans who reunite after their adoptive father (who uncannily resembles Colonel Sanders) passes away.


Yep, I’m talking about Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy. The show, based on the comics by My Chemical Romance frontman/author Gerard Way, is coming back for its third and final season on June 22. And for a series with a dance break to ’80s mall tour anthem, “I Think We’re Alone Now,” toking up in a beauty salon, temporary cult leaders, and Mary J. Blige, we can be sure to expect the unexpected.



Want to get caught up or refresh your memory? Here’s all the spoilers you need.


The Umbrella Academy so far

Season 1 saw the Hargreeves family struggle to reconnect as adults without an adolescent crime-fighting team, ringleader, and two siblings. Suddenly, one sibling, Number Five, appears from literally nowhere with news: the world is ending. They have to band together to stop it. Also, he knows this because he’s been in the future and dating a mannequin since he ran away from home years ago.


Nevertheless, bonding proves especially difficult. Viktor (FKA Vanya) wrote a scathing expose about the family and his experience as the one “without” powers—no one really got over that. We come to find out that Viktor’s does have powers, and they tend to cause the end of the world within just 5 days. Surprise!


The End: Part One transports the siblings from modern times to Texas in the ’60s, where season 2, Dallas, begins. They get separated and have to reconnect again, as well as stop the end of the world and the Kennedy assassination. Tall order, but what can possibly go wrong? Cue—The World’s Demise: The Sequel.


Now that The Umbrella Academy is back home, back together, and can finally breathe, the season 3 trailer shows some weirdos who took over their house: The Sparrow Academy. And if you’re thinking of reading the comics to get a preview, I beat you to it. You won’t find them.


Because the series itself ebbs and flows and anything is possible, things are changed in the show that still fit the story. Though I like this, and think it works, I also like to be informed. So here’s what we do know about the upcoming season.


Season 3: The Sparrow Academy

As usual, the siblings created a world-ending event and transported into a different dimension. They have 5 days to reset everything. Again, tall order. And, as Klaus says, “Not to mention, we’ve been replaced by a bunch of blobs and cubes and birds and sh*t!”



The Hargreeves are definitely the ones crashing the party, similar to the way they crashed into Dallas after The End: Part One. And, if you couldn’t tell, The Sparrow Academy is this dimension’s Umbrella Academy. Because, of course, if an eccentric businessman seeks to adopt a number of 43 superhuman babies in one world, he does it in another. In Sparrow World, he adopts a different 7. Mostly.


See, Ben, who was in The Umbrella Academy until his passing (prompting the breakup), is alive and well in Sparrow World. So is Reginald Hargreeves, the chicken doppelganger dad himself!


Another thing that’s certain: When The Sparrow Academy meets their siblings, they aren’t impressed. Also, they are way better fighters and obviously have less bad blood. In fact, they cohesively turn their rage to these random umbrella people—and don’t hold back. As seen in the trailer, where the Hargreeves family is running for their lives.


Hopefully this time, The Umbrella Academy can save the day without accidentally ending the world… again.


We’ll find out June 22 on Netflix. While we’re waiting, want other comic-turned-show to binge? Try Moon Knight.


Photo via Netflix