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There is a pay discrepancy at Peloton for Black employees

Is Peloton in hot water?

words by: Natasha Marsh
Nov 19, 2021

Another day, another investigation. Recently, Insider published a story on Black employees and concerns over pay disparity at Peloton. The report showed four current and former Black Peloton employees, speaking without their real names, sharing the real conditions they endured at Peloton. Internal documents, screenshots of Slack conversations, and text messages were all shared.


Essentially, the report shows how only 200 full-time employees are Black and that all of them felt their salaries were low — some even claiming it was less than the industry standard. Some senior level software engineers were barley making $50,000 annually, and if they did negotiate pay, it was only accepted a few years in and could barley be considered a pay raise.


A lot of concern and frustration was raised over the difference between Black and white salaries at Peloton as well. One employee even shared that a white coworker who started several years after them, with less experience, was making a significantly higher number than they were, $15,000 more to be exact.


The vice president of global total rewards was quoted saying that Peloton does not pay below the competitive market rate and that experience and location go into determining how much each employee makes. “And so it is entirely possible that two team members could be in the same level but paid significantly differently,” the vice president shared in a press release. To prove it, the company hired an external consultant to conduct a pay-equity study to help hear out the concerns of employees.


The report, conducted between January and March 2021, involved each team member who had concerns about pay equity to figure out the bottom-line of their workplace concerns. What they discovered was that Black employees were also frustrated with the diversity problem and how the company has done very little for BLM.


To combat that, Peloton plans to share it’s DEI analysis process and numbers publicly in 2022. So far we know that 31% of its senior leaders are people of color. A Peloton spokesperson shared in a recent POPSUGAR article: “At Peloton, we are committed to pay equity and take it very seriously. We’re proud we have team members who openly share their feedback when they have questions or concerns, especially when conversations are hard. We have a number of initiatives and processes in place today to ensure equitable compensation, and we are committed to continuous improvement, as part of our journey to becoming an antiracist organization.”


We will continue to monitor this news.


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Photo via Peloton