These are the 5 men’s style “tribes” to watch in 2020

Which one are you?

words by: Team ULTRA
Jan 24, 2020

The new decade will be a clash of old and new, a shift towards the virtual as our actual reality gets grimmer. Social tensions may be rife and planet may be burning, but you should still look good. Men’s fashion authority recently published an article suggesting that the style forecast for 2020 can be divided into five distinctive tropes.

Which one are you?


“The Neo Eco Warrior”

This is for the fellas with a conscience: the ones who’ve seen “The True Cost.” They’re aware of where their clothes are manufactured and how the fabric impacts the environment, (read: no fast fashion!) repping eco-friendly brands like TENCEL. Sustainability is king.



“The Augmented Reality Gang” is convinced fashion will take a hard turn towards the digital, clothes that represent a new type of reality – a virtual one. Think of a more mature, polished E-Boys look… ya know, once they grow up, move to San Francisco, and launch a VR start-up.



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“The Ultra Utilitarians”

Basically a mutation of the guys who wear Carhartt, hiking boots, and cargo pants. Utility, utility, utility.



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“The 4-D Printers”

This is their most conceptual “tribe.” It plays on the predicted rise of fashion that responds to its wearer’s climate (if it’s hot, the fabric breathes – when cold, it’ll trap heat). The catch is: the actual clothes from this style grouping haven’t actually hit the market yet.

However, they cite that Adidas teamed up with tech company Carbon to create the Alphaedge 4D, a sneaker which allegedly adjusts its sole-support based the wearer. We don’t really understand it either, but apparently it’s cool.




“The Dandy MK2”

This chic-er version of the Dandy is a rallying cry against the rise of streetwear. Crediting the resurgence of the three-piece suit to Gucci, suspects the future iteration of the Dandy will be wearing designer.



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