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This brand is the future of Black Men’s Grooming

Remember the name Bevel.

words by: Team ULTRA
Jan 14, 2020

Tristan Walker’s brainchild Bevel is launching a full-body grooming line catering to Black men. The brand is dropping 11 new products, everything from deodorant to exfoliating toner. Fellas, is it gay to take care of your skin?

Evidently not. The global men’s grooming industry is taking home more each year, with certain estimates valuing the industry at $81 billion by 2024.


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Bevel is zoning in on an under-served demo with very specific skin and hair needs. Gone are the days of men not caring about their appearance (did they ever really not?) – looking good is a genderless pursuit. The brand’s sleek product design is inoffensive and sure not to scare away any grooming newbies.

It’s their game to lose.