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This month’s barbershop: Rust Belt

Holding it down for Buffalo, NY.

words by: Team ULTRA
Oct 9, 2018

The summers are hot. The winters are bitter cold. It’s a city way up North and borders Toronto, one of the hottest Canadian cities. Yeah you can ask, but why don’t I just tell you–It’s Buffalo, New York, a city on the come-up.


Where there’s struggle, there is courage. Buffalo is traditionally known for its football team and stark weather. Within a short time, signs of cultural change have been emerging and Buffalo seems like it’s making its way back to the glory days.


The city’s been strangled as being a be a tourist-driven destination because of its association to Niagara Falls. After years of low employment and an inadequate amount of amenities, you can now find a new Buffalo boosting great businesses and services. It’s a new wave, it’s new movement, and it’s coming from the same people creating change for the better. They are positioning their city to attain a higher quality of life through personal care, health, beauty, food and tech- all in small doses.


On the westside of town, Elmwood Avenue is one of the fastest growing neighborhoods- It’s an area that’s inspiring creative flow and is home to Buffalo’s top men’s barbershop, Rust Belt. The shop is full of local energy. Their attention to detail and excellent client appreciation allows customers to feel at home. Observing the staff, they operate in sync and you can tell the team is fully engaged with their environment. They are a diverse group of artists who apply a tremendous amount of emphasis towards their craft.


This is all while offering the clients the highest quality of service and personal care. So with great pleasure, the Ultra team is excited to announce Rust Belt as barbershop of the month.