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This month’s barbershop is The Social Club

Whole lot of history in Detroit.

words by: Curvel Baptiste
Sep 17, 2018

Detroit. It’s hard to think of a more American city. Home to the country’s largest urban population of black people, the city is known for its cars, motown and the Jackson 5, and its epic sports franchises. Following the 2008 recession, some people thought the Detroit of its prime was gone forever, but over the last few years the city has become the center of the universe for many creatives and entrepreneurs looking to find new outlets and business opportunities. So, it naturally made sense that we would make our way to the Motor City. Having heard about its extreme winters, we ventured to Detroit in early August and found a revitalized city that was vibrante and full of life.


While we were excited to check out a new city, our focus was narrow: we were here to see The Social Club, a dope ass barbershop that–in addition to cutting hair–is known for their series of panel discussions, Shop Talk, that allow members of the Detroit community to chop it up with influencers and cultural icons.


The Social Club is a highly influential brand in the growing city, actively contributing to the cultural fabric of downtown Detroit. Founder Sebastian Jackson was born and raised in Detroit, and after graduating college, turned his attention to this business. A little over six years ago, the Social Club was born. In addition to his passion for the cut, Sebastian is dedicated to making the barbershop the hub of the local community, a place where people can learn from each other, expand their horizons, and build bonds.


This commitment to the community is reflected in the shop itself and Jackson’s business practices. Walking through the front door of the shop, you immediately notice the pronounced wooden shelving, all made from lumber salvaged from blighted buildings. You might also notice barbers collecting clippings from their cuts; Sebastian has partnered with local parks to use these clippings as fertilizer for a greener Detroit. All this is amplified by the fact that you may be sitting right next to some of the high profile clientele The Social Club boasts. From sports and entertainment (like DJ Clark Kent), to CEOs of local and global businesses (like jeff staple, of Staple Design), to community leaders, The Social Club’s events are curated to bring the local community into close proximity to global influencers. Check out The Social Club either at Wayne State University or at their new location downtown, adjacent to the Siren Hotel. Sebastian’s passion for the community is why we are proud to name The Social Club as Ultra’s SHOP OF THE MONTH.