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This year’s Oscars were all about Hair

Making statements.

words by: Team ULTRA
Feb 10, 2020

Last night was all about movies, and interestingly enough, about hair. From an animated short quite literally called “Hair Love” taking home the gold to pop idol Billie Eilish’s green roots, the night was full of style statements. But perhaps the most powerful of all was director Mathew A. Cherry’s red carpet date.

The “Hair Love” director was joined by Deandre Arnold, a Texas high school student whose school told him he wouldn’t be allowed to attend graduation unless he cut his dreadlocks. Thankfully, this racist hair policy is not enforced on the red carpet, and Deandre fit right in among the hosts of celebrities and filmmakers that night.

It was an appropriate move by Cherry, whose short film centers around a Black father learning to do his daughter’s hair.




There’s just something so satisfying about seeing racists lose.