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TikTok is changing the future of Job applications

With its own job service.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
May 25, 2021

TikTok is reportedly launching a jobs service to link its young user base with recruiters — and it’s exactly what you’d expect from a company that mostly caters to a Gen Z audience.


The pilot program is currently being tested by the app with a beta group of companies. Several major brands and organizations, including sports leagues, are said to be involved in taking part. In all honesty, this is to no one’s surprise, as the job market is increasingly becoming digital, and based on people’s social media platforms.


TikTok’s future recruitment platform is unique in that it deviates from conventional work applications—basically, we can now say goodbye to strung out cover letters and conventional resumes. Users can upload a TikTok video resume to the web instead of submitting a formal resume and cover letter. The concept is for users to use the video to offer an elevator pitch or a rundown of their work experience in a specific and innovative way.


Candidates will also be able to upload their resume videos to their TikTok profiles, even though the site will not be incorporated into the TikTok app and will instead be a separate work listings website or app.


TikTok has been praised for its ability to tap into and highlight homegrown DIY talent. A TikTok employment service could finally break the shackles of the traditional job application process, resulting in a career ladder that is far more in line with the generation entering the workforce.


Below are the details as reported on Axios:

“The pilot program is designed to help people find jobs on TikTok and connect with companies looking to find candidates. It’s also meant to help brands use TikTok as a recruitment channel.
– The company is currently testing the service with a beta group of companies. Several big brands have been asked about participating, including sports leagues.
– The platform isn’t a product that’s integrated within TikTok itself, but rather a separate web page accessible via the TikTok app where brands can post jobs, primarily entry-level listings.
– Users can post a TikTok video resume to the site rather than a traditional resume. The idea is for users to give an elevator pitch or work experience summary via the video in a unique way.
– TikTok will ask candidates to post their resume videos to their TikTok profiles, if they wish, to help publicize the new service.”


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Photo via Aïda Amer/Axios