TikTok is testing out a Streaming app for desktops

Could be very useful.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Feb 20, 2022

What if you could watch your favorite TikTok star play video games live on TikTok instead of watching them stream on Twitch? TikTok has been testing a Windows program, named TikTok Live Studio, for awhile, according to the platform.


How does TikTok Live Studio work?

Users can log in using their TikTok account and stream directly to TikTok Live after downloading the software to their desktop. You may use the chat option to engage with other viewers, and you can stream material from your computer, phone, or game console. According to TikTok, this program is currently only available in a few Western areas for a few thousand users.


One clear benefit of TikTok testing this functionality is that creators may be more inclined to stay in their app, rather than asking their audience to watch them stream on Twitch or YouTube Gaming.


According to the promotional graphics on TikTok’s website, the company caters to consumers who want to stream video games. However, TikTok Live Studio currently lacks the functionality experienced streamers can find on broadcast tools like OBS or Streamlabs—which is understandable, given that the product is still in beta.


You can’t use browser windows as a source, and you can’t set up in-stream alerts for tips or new followers, for example, even though you can connect a video game console to TikTok Live Studio. However, one of the objectives of this feature test is to see how authors utilize the update and the new feature.


It may not even go live

TikTok Live Studio isn’t guaranteed to go live—and just because TikTok tests a feature, doesn’t mean it’ll be available forever. However, if TikTok Live Studio does go live, the platform will analyze how producers use the software, and customize it to better suit those needs.


TikTok’s livestreaming technologies are already being used by creators to monetize and grow their audiences. Creators can take suggestions, plan events, use live Q&A tools, go live with other users, filter keywords, and appoint moderators. TikTok Live Studio now allows users to choose whether or not to enable gifting and comments, as well as create keyword filters.


However, existing livestreaming functionality, such as moderator assignment and stream scheduling, might be included into a more sophisticated product in the future.


This streaming software may also provide TikTok with a way to reach out to more desktop users. Because a smartphone isn’t meant to connect to your gaming console and stream at the same time, a desktop streaming program is vital for developers. Though individuals watch video game streaming on their phones, the user experience on a desktop is often better, which may encourage users to use TikTok on their PC.


TikTok is always testing new features for its users, read up on TikTok’s AR developer tools for creators.


Photo via TikTok Live Studio