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TikTok’s Viral portable Air Conditioner is really worth it

So long, sweaty nights.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jun 22, 2022

When I moved back to New York City last year after nearly 2 years in breezy California, I was shocked by the heat wave we experienced here in the city. Although I had 4 humid NYC summers under my belt, I had forgotten how difficult life can be in the summer with humidity and temperatures at an all-time high. It’s the type of heat that, the minute you step outside, you start sweating. So much so that it becomes abnormal if you don’t arrive to work absolutely drenched. Now, sweating outside is one thing, but when you get home and it feels the same, that is a big issue.


My first summer back, I didn’t have air conditioning for the first 3 months of summer—something totally foreign to me, especially after living in a Brooklyn apartment with a heating/cooling system in every room, talk about spoiled. I figured that summer only lasts for a couple of months. So why spend the money on expensive systems and installs when I wouldn’t need it year round? Boy, was I wrong.


As it turns out, it becomes quite difficult to sleep in heat when you can’t stop sweating. For that reason, I finally came to my senses and started researching air conditioning units. I learned that there are two types:  Window air conditioners and portable air conditioners. Now, window air conditioners are great, but you have to have a single or double hung window for installation. If you don’t have one, you can’t get a window air conditioner.


The pros about portable air conditioners: They can be rolled to wherever and whenever you need them and are easier to store and install than window options. After selecting a wall unit, I called up the company for an install just to find out my building doesn’t actually allow outside installs (even though they don’t supply them, ugh), and the exhaustive paperwork to even get an approval was too extensive. So I kept searching.


I found options with and without dehumidifiers, 3 speed fans, Bluetooth activation, window kits that made it easy to install and uninstall from window to window, and so many other features. Honestly, it got confusing and alarming. How was I going to choose?


Because the options on the internet were overwhelming, I did the next best thing—I went to TikTok. All over the popular social media platform, there are hacks and tips on how to live a more seamless life. Among that, loads of reviews on the buzzy Frigidaire 250 CFM 2-in-1 Personal Evaporative Air Cooler and Fan.


During my hours of research, I learned that not all air conditioner units are created the same. You should consider what size to buy and how to clean it. Basically, you don’t want to purchase a unit that can cool 250 square feet if your home is 700 square feet. Secondly, you want one that can clean itself, and have parts that are easy to remove. Not to mention, you’ll need a reusable filter and something that doesn’t make so much noise.


The Frigidaire 250 is all of this and more. This system has 3 fan speeds, 3 cooling modes, and 4-setting timer, plus a removable filter. As someone who has been using one for a few weeks, it barley makes noise and controls humidity in my home. This means no more sleepless nights.


Buy the Frigidaire 250 CFM 2-in-1 Personal Evaporative Air Cooler and Fan on Amazon for $110.


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Photo via Michael Hession