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Tips on how to look like you actually tried on video calls

5 easy hacks.

words by: Team ULTRA
Apr 7, 2020

Many of us were excited to work from home. You’re thinking that means pajamas and minimal grooming? Wrong.

With COVID-19, most organizations are communicating through Zoom, the video conferencing app. Zoom has been praised for its high speed connections and superior video quality. Meaning your coworkers and managers can see you clearly – which also means that they can peep if you drank too much last night or stayed up late. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some simple tips for how to look your best on video calls.

If you’re using Zoom, turn on this feature. 

Not everyone knows this, but Zoom actually provides users with a filter. Unlike its Insta counterparts, the “Touch Up My Appearance” tool is subtle and gives you a healthy shine. So if you’re working from home, open up zoom and follow these steps: video settings (lower-left-hand corner of screen) > check box “touch up my appearance.” Now you’re ready for your meeting.  

Lighting, lighting, and we almost forgot – lighting. 

Sit near a window, preferably facing a window. Then position the camera so the light falls on your face – do not sit in front of the light! This will cause shadows and give you camp-fire-horror-story vibes. If you don’t have access to natural light – lamps are OK, but be extra conscious of the placement.


Obvious, but it must be said… wash your face!

Complete your regular morning routine to guarantee a fresh-looking complexion.


Put on a clean shirt. 

While you don’t want to be overdressed for your conference call, throwing on clean, non-leisure, stain-free wear is 70% of the battle.


Bad hair? Wear a hat. 

Sometimes your follicles are working against you – if that’s the case, cut your loses and just throw a hat over those bad boys. Simple is better – one tone cap or beanie. It’s not the time to flex on your co-workers.




When you look good, you perform better. These quick and easy tips will help ensure that you’re putting your best virtual foot forward while working from home.