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Toiletpaper Magazine now has its own Grooming line

I’ve been waiting years for this.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Mar 2, 2022

This has been years in the making, but Toiletpaper magazine has finally introduced a bizarre new beauty line. The irreverent geniuses behind Toiletpaper, the artist Maurizio Cattelan and photographer/Wallpaper* contributor Pierpaolo Ferrari, finally introduced their eye-popping new line of products.


The magazine, which began as a picture-led publication 10 years ago, was an attempt for its creators to get out of their fields or reference and create a space that was absolutely free of all restraints. Of this process, they shared: “The search for this freedom, which at first we thought was only our personal need, over time has instead encountered – beyond our forecasts – other worlds, even apparently very distant from ours, giving rise to contaminations that are often unexpected for us too.”


The newest creative installment from the magazine creators sees Cattelan and Ferrari collaborate on a line of hair care, hand and body soaps, scrubs, lotions, and oils with La Bottega, an Italian manufacturer of cosmetic items for luxury hotels.


All of the items have bright, irreverent images, such as a picture of spicy spaghetti on a soap container, and a playing card jammed between butt cheeks on a home fragrance spray, which is typical of Toiletpaper. Oscar Quagliarini, a beverages mixologist, created the perfumes for each product, which are a punchy spin on traditional cosmetics brand fragrances.


On their website, the magazine creators explain:


“From the cosmetic experience of Italian company LA BOTTEGA, market leader in the cosmetic industry for hotels, and the irreverent irony of TOILETPAPER and its creators Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, comes TOILETPAPER Beauty collection: A collection with a unique character which conveys the passion and fun of its creators. The idea of beauty in this line starts from the image, a pleasure involving all the senses and which stimulates imagination, so that everyone can indulge in an ecstatic, perfumed and surreal world where everything is possible. Colored snakes caressing your hair. Humanoid flowers looking at you while you look after your body. Hands with lipsticks for your hands. ToiletPaper beauty is designed to accompany your every moment of leisure and to give it a new distinctive flavor get ready for an immersive and colored leisure experience.”


They continued: “The pieces include clothing for your endless and funny naps, beauty products for every corner of your body and home, soft and elegant clothes for your bath time, provocative and original interpretations of the nécessaire for the beach.”


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Photo via Toiletpaper