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There are way too many Streaming services, and I simply can’t keep up

Time to turn everything off.

words by: Alee Kwong
Mar 4, 2021

Remember when there was just Netflix and Hulu? Simpler times. Let’s go a little bit further back in time. Remember when Netflix was a service where you chose DVDs to watch and they would send them to your mailbox? Even simpler times. The era of DVD-to-mailbox services is but a blurry memory now that I look back on it fondly. Fast forward to today and there are swarms of streaming services, many that are exclusively network-run, fighting for everyone’s cash and screen-fatigued eyes.


My initial plan was to list the different options in this article. As I went to Google the streaming services that are currently on the market, I saw a Flixed article titled “The Complete List of Streaming Services in 2021 — 200+ Services” Yes, you read that right. As of January 2021, there are 200+ streaming services being offered. I feel like a complete fool because I was really out here thinking there were only 10 streaming services on the market right now – Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Viki (this one is for all the K-Drama addicts, stand up proudly!), YouTube TV, Disney+, Discovery+, Apple TV+, Peacock, and HBO Max. In my opinion, these are the only ones that matter but I think that my limited program interest stems from me not being interested in sports. I can’t even imagine how much longer your personal list would be if you were an avid sports fan.


According to IndieWire, streaming shot up to an increased 85% in March 2020, the first month of the COVID-19 pandemic. In an article published by BBC, viewing habits during lockdown included adults spending 6.5hrs a day watching TV, 1hr and 11min per day watching streaming services (double what it was prior to the pandemic), 12 million new member sign-ups for streaming services, and viewing figures for video streaming services up 71% since 2019. With the unemployment rate being at 6.3% in America and with very little to do indoors to occupy our time, streaming all the episodes of every show that these services have to offer seems to be the best time-killer.


Honestly, I think I am starting to get streaming fatigue. With streaming platforms like Netflix capitalizing on our eyes constantly on the screen and coming out with new content almost every month, there’s very little to get excited about. New content is now so normal that I am starting to get tired of it and I’ve found myself streaming random programs as background noise while I work or scroll through TikTok. I’ve tried rotating and switching up the streaming platforms I watch, but I think the cure to this boredom/fatigue is just reverting back to baking bread and making whipped coffee.