Here are the best Apple Apps of 2021

Top 5 here we come.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Dec 22, 2021

The App Store Awards honor the greatest apps and games for Apple‘s platforms and devices each year. They’re like the Oscars of the App Store, an award bestowed by the industry itself.


As another year draws to a close, it’s worth taking a look at some of the best iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac apps available right now.


Here are the 5 best apps of 2021:


1. Toca Life World

Toca Life World is Apple’s iPhone App of the Year. If you’ve never heard of this app, don’t bat an eye, as it was mostly targeted at children.


This is a children’s world-building app. You can create your own character, visit various locations, and take part in various tales. It’s an app that encourages youngsters to express themselves. The game is free to play, yet there are a variety of expansion packs available as in-app purchases.


This is probably not an app you’d install on your own device. However, it’s a terrific way to keep the kids occupied while the adults rest.


2. Procreate

Despite the fact that Apple did not call Procreate the iPad App of the Year, this may be the best iPad app available. It’s a digital drawing app, and its Animation Assist tool is unmatched. It costs $9.99 and has no in-app purchases, but every few months, it adds a new function that elevates the overall iPad creative environment.


3. LumaFusion

LumaFusion is not a free app (it costs $29.99) but it is to video editing what Procreate is to drawing. It’s a multi-track video editor that shines brightly on an iPad Pro. This is a simple program that allows you to edit six video and audio files at the same time.


Consider it an iPad version of Final Cut Pro X. While LumaFusion doesn’t have all of the same functionality or a plugin library like Adobe Photoshop, it comes damn close.


4. Carrot Weather

After a few of years, apps tend to stagnate. Carrot Weather was no exception, it was a good weather app with a loyal fanbase but it wasn’t doing anything new really.


However, this year, Carrot Weather threw everything into disarray. Users of Carrot Weather can now create their own weather app by designing several themes with the parameters they want to display and how they want to display them. Plus, the Apple Watch software is fantastic. After all, you don’t become a winner of 2021 Apple Design Award with luck.


5. Craft

Craft is the app to get if you’re looking for a native Apple experience for collaborative document editing and note-taking. It’s a newcomer to the market, but it’s already making a major impact. The program is simple to use, stylish, and runs quickly (including the Google Docs-style collaborative editing).


Photo via Apple/Procreate/iPad Screenshot