On the bright side, here are the 5 best inventions of 2020

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Dec 17, 2020

We can all agree that 2020 was an insane year (to say the least), but believe it or not, it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Even though we lived (and are still living) through a pandemic, and went through so many upheavals, there were good things happening—ones that the media was not really highlighting. So here, we’ve made a selection of some of the coolest inventions of 2020. Take a look:



Embodied Moxie, the skill-building robot

Don’t let the cute look of this robot fool you into thinking it’s not an advanced form of AI. This skill-building robot was created by experts in education and child development. Designed to help boost emotional and social skills of kids from 5-to10-years-old. Priced at $1,699, Moxie is a compassionate pal who encourages children to read and draw, as well as spur engagement with their peers, siblings and adults.



Pour Moi Climate-Smart 3-Step Rotating System, for climate-specific skincare 

When the founder of Pour Moi moved from Europe to SoCal, her skin felt the impact. This sparked an idea in her to create skincare products that are based on particular issues such as the climate rather than personal skin issues. Pour Moi bases its formulas on climate, using it as a main factor.



A Glimpse of the Galaxy: Dark Skys DS-1 Planetarium by Miller Engineering

Though home planetariums don’t come close to the actual beauty of the night sky, Christopher Miller of Miller Engineering still tried to make the most advanced model. Priced at $580, this model is your entryway to observing the galaxy. Made not only with astro-enthusiasts in mind, but also for families looking for ways to be entertained. This model can project 4.1 million stars onto your ceiling. Incredible!



Allbirds Tree Dasher, the Greener Running Shoe

Scientifically speaking, running shoes rely heavily on oil-based synthetics such as plastic, making them incredibly wasteful. This Allbirds Tree Dasher is made entirely of natural materials. Its carbon footprint is a third lower than your average running shoe. The materials it’s made out of: eucalyptus, sugarcane, castor-bean oil, and merino wool actually boost the shoe’s performance. Priced at $125, this is a great alternative if you care about conserving our planet.



Impossible Pork by Impossible Foods

Did you know that the most consumed protein in the world is pork? Not only that, but the environmental damage that this consumption causes is irreparable. This is why Impossible Foods, whose 2015 replacement of burgers amazed the world, came up with a plant-based pork substitute. This alternative is planned for commercial rollout in 2021, so be on the look-out for it. 


Photos via Embodied, Pour Moi, Microstru, Allbirds, Impossible Foods