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Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack Dior Summer 2022 drops this month

You coppin’ or is he still cancelled?

words by: Matt Peng
Jul 6, 2022

Following in the footsteps of Nike, who deemed half a year was enough to pause a Travis Scott collaboration, Dior is releasing their collaborative collection. The Summer 2022 collection was first shown in Paris and is titled Cactus Jack Dior. It’s a nod to the Houston rapper’s record label. Some of you may remember that La Flame helped model and hype up the Dior x Air Jordan 1 collaboration from a couple of years ago. But this time around, he was way more involved.


The inspiration

Christian Dior’s debut collection in American happened in 1947 and one of the first stops was Texas. If you knew that, kudos, because I sure as hell didn’t. This collaboration between Dior Men’s Artistic Director Kim Jones and Travis Scott makes even more sense when you factor in their friendship and his home state.


You can see nods to the canyon and desert typography of the region with the color palettes and further looks into Americana with the materials and detailing. Dior called this ethos “the zest for life and self-confidence.”


The collection

It’s commonplace to see the elegance of high-end fashion fused with sportswear these days and Dior has become a master in this field. Dior has highlighted some standout items on their website which include a souvenir jacket, Bermuda shorts, and a “Toile de Cactus.”


Throughout the entire collection, you can find sewn-on labels, various graphics and intertwining brand logos. There’s also captivating messaging like “The beautiful world Dior Cactus Jack” and “If you can read this, I must love you to let you this close,” the latter we suspect will be very popular amongst the Millennials and Gen Z buyers.


As always, accessories can make or break a collection and this collaboration is chock full of them. The Dior Saddle bag is given a “rodeo” remake while the Dior Hit the Road backpack gets a Dior and Cactus Jack Oblique motif. If you’re looking for something new, the micro-bags are for you. They can be worn in multiple ways including on your arm as a bracelet. And don’t expect normal headwear because Stephen Jones created hybrid hats by infusing an American cap with a French “bob.”


Now onto the sneakers, where you are all probably looking for some crazy Nike collaboration right? Well, Dior is dropping their own collection of footwear that includes the B713 sneaker, named after Houston’s area code, and the H-Town sandals which look eerily similar to Suicokes.


How to cop 

Dior has been hush hush on how to obtain the collection so far. Right now, you can sign up to be notified when the pieces launch through While you wait, take a look at the full show below.



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Photos via Francois Durand/Getty Images, Dior