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Troy the Magician explains the Magic of Happiness

We all know that feeling of awe.

words by: Matt Peng
Feb 28, 2022

You know that moment when you find out as a kid, teenager or adult that magic isn’t real? It really bums you out (like when you find out wrestling is fake and follows a script too). But that doesn’t stop you from feeling the awe and mouth-dropping excitement when you see someone drop a dope magic trick on you either on the street or at a show. That’s the same energy and feeling that Troy the Magician used to become one of the best in the game and how he inspires change and happiness in others.



We often talk about entrepreneurs that create a product, but at the root of that product is a feeling they’re seeking from their audience. Troy Von Scheibner is the same, he uses magic as a form of expression and vehicle to convey the feelings of positivity that changes lives. We sat down with the London-based German/Jamaican magician to talk shop and also to see what he’s like when slight of hand isn’t involved.


“I got into magic by watching a magician on TV and thought it was amazing, the tricks, the reactions, and most importantly the unique feeling you experience when watching something impossible happen in front of your eyes.”



Who is Troy the Magician?

For those of you that are into astrology, Troy is a Sagittarius. “We’ll start with the most important thing about me, that I am a Sagittarius… make of that what you will,” he says off the bat. And I like I said earlier, that special feeling you get from magic is why Troy chose this profession. “I really love making people feel good! Being a magician let’s me do that in a very special and powerful way.”


Included in his bag of talents, that many people actually don’t know about, is his ability to do a great Arnold Schwarzenegger impression, “one of my hidden talents that I’m strangely quite proud of is my impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger, everyone gets a good laugh out of that.”



What does he do in his downtime?

When Troy isn’t on the road or at home performing in front of fans, what is he doing to further his creativity and personal growth? Well, like many of us, he opts for the gym and music.


“In my downtime I go to the gym, I like to push myself. It clears my mind and in all honesty, I just want to look good in my clothes. I love listening to music too, R&B, hip-hop, soul, drill and a great power ballad… in that order,” he says with a laugh.


Dressing for success and looking good in your clothes is completely understandable and something that barbers like Pacinos also stress, it’s all a part of branding yourself and positive physical and mental health. Don’t forget the grooming and self-care aspect too.



For Troy, he has two different looks for his performances, he breaks it down for us below:


“I suppose I have two different looks when I perform, it really depends on the environment I’m performing in. When I’m up close and personal, I like to wear clothes that are comfortable and express my personality in some way. I love vintage tees which I wear a lot and have a huge collection of. I also have a huge trainer collection which I’m trying to downsize at the moment. On stage, I tend to wear suits, as I like to look smart, put together and I guess it shows I’ve made an effort. One thing I have to consider with all my outfit choices is pocket space. As a magician, pocket space is crucial.”



What is the inspiration and creative process for a magician?

Aside from keeping himself physically fit and looking good on the exterior, Troy is always looking for inspiration, even in the mundane. “My source of inspiration to create tricks and presentations for tricks can come from anything. Listening to music, conversations, driving, sitting on the train, showering, looking at art, etc.” he tells us. This is something that a lot of creative people echo, where you keep your mind grinding at all times.



In terms of how Troy got inspired to become a magician in the first place, it’s all about that feeling of happiness he stressed earlier.


“I got into magic by watching a magician on TV and thought it was amazing, the tricks, the reactions, and most importantly the unique feeling you experience when watching something impossible happen in front of your eyes. As a 12-year-old, it was inspiring and life-changing to the point where I wanted to do it too!” When it comes to his own repertoire of tricks, Troy says “I personally don’t have a favorite trick I like to perform, but I love using cards as they are essentially my instrument of choice.”


“I really love making people feel good! Being a magician let’s me do that in a very special and powerful way.”


In the same way that he was inspired to become a magician, Troy feels like things should happen organically, whether it’s aiming to become a magician or collaboration with a brand and other people. “I don’t really seek out collaboration, I feel that is something that should happen organically, otherwise it can feel contrived. But I like to collaborate if the idea is right and it makes sense.”



Speaking of collaborations, Troy recently tapped in with SQUIRE for a project that we’re giving you a sneak peak of below. Releasing in the coming weeks, Troy got a fresh cut from entrepreneur barber Justin Carr while chopping it up over fashion, business and of course, some magic.



A lot of Troy’s inspiration also leads to tattoos on his body. To him, the process is like a rebirth each time and he’s fascinated by the art and stories being told — similar to magic.


“Yea, I have A LOT of tattoos. It’s so addictive, just the process and ritual of it feels like a rebirth every time I get one. I got my first tattoo when I was 18 on my right shoulder. It’s a cherub holding a banner scroll with the name ‘Johannes’ which is actually my first name, which not many people know. It’s also my father’s first name too. On my left arm, I got a bunch of things, most notably a portrait of Michael Jackson and Salvador Dali. I got MJ because he is the embodiment of magic and entertainment. I got Dali because I love his art and surrealist art in general. A lot of my other tattoos, such as my chest and back piece, are based around Greek mythology. I’m fascinated with the stories and then how they are depicted in this beautiful renaissance art style.”




Whether you choose to go into magic, sneakers, eyewear, cars and coffee, or any other platform to educate and spread happiness, remember that being an entrepreneur doesn’t happen overnight. Put in the work and develop your craft while looking for inspiration everywhere.


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