Twitter’s rebrand for Creators ushers in new monetization goals

We’re not surprised.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Jun 17, 2022

On May 24, Twitter announced that made changes to its Twitter Media website, rebranding it to “Twitter Create.” The company shared: “Notice anything different around here? Twitter Media is now Twitter Create. Same great content, with a brand new look.”


The website is a new gateway for creators to access tools, product information, and suggestions for getting the most out of Twitter, or at least that’s how Twitter is portraying it to be. The company claims it wants to make it easier for creators to understand how to utilize Twitter’s creator products and interact with other creators with this new rebrand. The @TwitterMedia handle has been changed to @TwitterCreate as part of this new move.


In the “goals” web section of Twitter Create, the company shares:

“The conversation on Twitter is constantly moving and evolving. Keeping up with the pace is key, but one thing’s clear: everyone has the opportunity to have a say. Learn from some of the best influential creators and thinkers on how they’ve cultivated their following. From building a community from scratch to adding your voice to existing convos, there are tried-and-true methods to keep in mind.”


The page continues to share tips from the platform’s most beloved creators, such as Newt Nguyen (@milktpapi) and Tess Guttuso (@tessplease).


On the website, creators can search for resources by industry, such as sports, news, gaming, podcasters, writers, and more. According to Twitter, by categorizing resources, creators will be able to quickly access content that is relevant to them. The site also has guides for creators based on their Twitter goals, such as making money, engaging with their audience, or expanding their brand.


Twitter has been working on new ways for artists to get the most out of the social media network, and the rebrand is a part of that effort. The “Creator Dashboard,” a new tool for creators, is aimed to help them examine how they generate money on Twitter as well as how much they earn from monetization tools like Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces. Creators can also utilize the dashboard to look up information about their payouts and check their payment history.


This is part of Twitter’s effort to help its creators monetize from the platform, and to support them in doing this seeing as other social media platforms are way ahead in this aspect.


In other news, Twitter lets you tip creators in crypto now.


Photo via Twitter Create