Tweet Takes is Twitter’s new Video reactions to Tweets

Everything’s moving to video.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Feb 20, 2022

Twitter is working on a new feature that will allow users to respond to tweets using video or photographs, rather than text. The microblogging site has begun testing a new tool, known as ” quote tweet with reaction,” which allows users to embed a tweet copy into a photo or video, rather than a word text.


The feature is currently being tested with a small group of iOS users. The function is an enhancement of the platform’s current offering for digital reactions and expression, but it’s not new in the social media world. The function is akin to TikTok’s video replies, which are also similar to Instagram’s Reels feature.


Twitter’s not the only social media app to follow in TikTok’s footsteps. Instagram adopted its own version of TikTok’s video answers last month in order to encourage people to respond to comments on posts using Reels. Given how video replies make TikTok feel more engaged and alive, it’s only natural that Instagram would add the feature to its TikTok clone. It may make less sense on Twitter, but we greatly prefer the company’s previous strategy of making no changes to the app for years and hoping for the best to the see-what-sticks method.


Currently, the new feature in its testing stage is only available to iOS users. The new function, dubbed “Tweet Takes” by Twitter, is still in the early stages of development. Twitter wants to allow users more opportunities to express themselves in more innovative ways with this new feature.


In a tweet the company shared: “Testing on iOS: when you tap the Retweet icon, choose ‘Quote Tweet with reaction’ to create and customize your very own Tweet Take a reaction video (or photo) with the Tweet embedded.”


Some Twitter users have voiced worry that these reaction quote tweets may be used to harass someone. While it’s quite simple for the platform to regulate typical quotation tweets, scanning the contents of a photo or video programmatically is more difficult. Mitigations, like opting out of photo tagging, or limiting who can react to your tweets, are among Twitter’s other capabilities.


But ultimately, this is a worry and concern that plagues social media at large, and will need immense efforts to be properly mitigated whether that’s due to video reactions or other forms of reactions. Very unfortunately, it is almost impossible to prevent harassment on the internet.


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Photo via Twitter