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Uber can now adjust your Flight reservations and more

For anxious flyers.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Oct 18, 2021

If you’re running late to a flight, here’s some good news: Uber can now adjust your reservations. The company is officially operating out of more than 20 airports in the U.S.


Automatic flight adjustments

The function was first introduced in November of last year, and it allowed Uber users to book rides from airports up to 30 days in advance. To make things easier for you, the firm can follow your flight and change the reservation time for your trip based on any delays or early arrivals. The drivers will then be free to wait for up to 60 minutes.


With COVID-19 limitations gradually loosening and travel increasing, Uber is seeking to expand the reach of this function, making it available to Uber Black and Uber Black SUV customers at more than 20 airports across the United States, including New York City, Washington, DC, Chicago, Dallas, and Atlanta. You’ll also be able to request curbside pickups that use machine learning to estimate demand and dispatch drivers to passengers as needed.


Additional tools

In addition, the company has introduced two new tools to help you streamline your journeys. “Ready When You Are” lets users choose whether they want to be picked up 10 or 20 minutes after they arrive, and Uber Eats will now let you order meals in advance from various airport eateries so you can pick it up without having to line when you arrive. This is actually great for many people who travel a lot and have to rely on airport food, but as we all know, sometimes the lines at airport eateries can deter many customers (it sure deters me).


Uber has been making many forays into the world of convenience. And it is starting to become hard to imagine a world without its services. However, this doesn’t change the fact that the company has major competition from services such as Lyft and Via, who are ethically more benign than Uber itself. But these services are not offering the same advantages that Uber currently is.


However, we do have to consider that that means Uber has access to a lot of information that it previously did not have access to, such as flight information and whereabouts. For some, this privacy concern comes before any convenience worries, and a lot of users can make do without having to reveal potentially sensitive pieces of information about their whereabouts.


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Photo via Uber