ULTRA presents: Halloween Playlist 2.0

There’s nothing horrific about these hits.

words by: Kayla Carmicheal
Oct 24, 2022

No Halloween season is complete without the perfect playlist. Whether you’re pre-gaming, staying in, or going with the flow this year, you need a soundtrack to do it to. That’s where we come in. This year, we’re calling back to a few fall favorites while adding in this year’s smoke. It’s a vibe, make sure you catch it.



Kid Cudi’s Entergalactic gave us an entirely new album to chill with, so of course, we had to set the mood off the bat with smooth, confident “Do What I Want.” Keeping up with the tempo are “edamame” and “sophisticated” by bbno$. The former is a track you can’t help but get into, and completely underrated as far as dance beats go. It’s pretty much impossible to have a bad time while it’s playing, and the latter got that memo too. There’s something about the rapid-fire pace of the two that are quite literally infectious.


That’s why we had to add some cuts from Drake and Beyonce’s summer smashes. Try to stay still when “Jimmy Cooks” or “AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM” (word) is on. Just like the rest of their records this year, these songs were formulated specifically for having a good time.


Of course, we had to slow down the tempo for a minute (spooky season is the time for eeriness, after all). But don’t worry, “VVS” by mal sounds is anything but scary. It takes the hollow, expansive notions in bedroom synth and makes them a wavy, “songs playing from the other room” joint. And coming before the hxc punk “Constance” by Spiritbox, it’s the perfect lead-in. Because there’s no way you can have a Halloween without thrashing guitars and uneasy drum melodies. (Don’t be afraid to groove with it, too).


While the noise keeps coming with ASkySoBlack’s “Made Up Face,” those who crave a hip-hop or lo-fi beats don’t have to feel left out for long. 21 Savage, Metro Boomin, and Baby Keem make their appearance as well. And for those Denzel Curry fans, you get your fix too. After all, what would we be if not something for everyone?


A black sheep you might sleep on is “Cocoon” by 070 Shake, but if you like to bump the bass in the car or on the train, add it to your lists immediately. You’re welcome.


We hope you have a killer — no pun intended — Hallo weekend. And to keep the heat up all night long, queue up 2020’s ULTRA-approved Halloween playlist too.


Photo via Getty/Craig Barritt