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ULTRA presents Hustle Diaries, a digital Zine for Hustlers

Volume 1 – Five New York Hustlers.

words by: Team ULTRA
Oct 20, 2021

Following the successful launch of our first-ever digital zine, THE HUNT, last year, the ULTRA team is proud to present to you Hustle Diaries.



What is Hustle Diaries?

Hustle Diaries is an extended cut of THE HUNT —¬†our first digital zine developed for freelancers. Hustle Diaries dives deeper into the minds and habits of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders in creative industries.



Who are we highlighting?

Our inaugural Hustle Diaries Volume 1 features 5 individuals who’ve achieved their hustler dreams at the highest level.


What will you get?

New York City churns out a true hustler’s mentality and each one of these five individuals have overcome hurdles in their own way. Listen to how they turned visions and dreams into reality and what specific skill sets you need to do the same. Whether it was giving up a steady corporate 9-to-5 or climbing the corporate ladder, we have it all covered.



Earning a living as a freelancer is dope, but turning that hustle into your own brand as an entrepreneur is even cooler.


Head over to our ULTRA Market to cop Hustle Diaries Volume 1. If you want more advice on life, head over to our Career Advice column.


To celebrate the launch of Hustle Diaries, ULTRA held a party in the Lower East Side on October 12. Creatives from all walks of life in NYC joined us to bump to music provided by leavemealone and enjoy drinks and just being around similar energy. A handful of our featured individuals also made their way to the event to talk with aspiring entrepreneurs and freelancers. Check out the video recap below and look out for our next event and digital zine coming soon!