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Unilever removed the word “normal” from its beauty products

In a move towards being more inclusive.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Mar 23, 2021

Unilever, the British beauty conglomerate that owns brands such as Dove, Sure, and Simple among others, has announced that it will be proceeding in the removal of the word “normal” from two hundred beauty products. This is a push towards an attempt to create an inclusive and non-narrow definition of beauty.


In addition to the removal of the word “normal” from beauty products, the company is also pledging to ban the excessive editing and photoshopping of models in an attempt to be more honest and inclusive in the world of beauty marketing. The ban on editing will be specific to body shapes, skin color, and size proportions. They also plan on increasing representation of marginalized groups, and including more biodegradable ingredients in their products.


In a statement, Unilever’s president of beauty shared:


“From skin care to soap, shampoo and more, our beauty and personal care brands are removing the word ‘normal’ from advertising and packaging, all over the world. It’s one of several commitments we’re making today as part of our new Positive Beauty vision and strategy – championing a new era of beauty that’s inclusive, equitable and sustainable. Using our world-class innovation and technology, Positive Beauty will also shape how our products are designed and formulated, ensuring they do more good for both people and planet. In a new survey of 10,000 people across nine countries,* seven in ten said that the word ‘normal’ on beauty product packaging has a negative effect on people. This figure rises to eight in ten among 18– 35-year-olds.”


We are very happy to see these moves by beauty conglomerates, as they play an immeasurable role in the dictation of beauty standards, and have an immense effect on the mental health of women worldwide who use these beauty products. This is definitely a move forward for the beauty and grooming industry.


Photo via Unilever