Leave the City before it’s too late: best Fall weekend getaway spots

Get your nature fix on.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Sep 26, 2020

If you live in New York City, no matter how much you love it, you may need a breather every once in a while. Lucky for us, New York offers many great weekend getaway options that must be taken advantage of—from charming towns to gorgeous landscapes, there’s no shortage of great getaway options. Fall is the best time to escape the city and explore somewhere new. Here are some of our favorite places in upstate New York. We just urge you to continue practicing social distancing and staying safe by wearing masks.


Getaway Cabins
Located somewhere 2.5 hours from NYC, Getaway Cabins are minimal, sleekly designed, and pet-friendly camper cabins that are perfect for 2 to 4 people. The exact location of each outpost is kept a secret until a week before your booking, the whole idea is rooted in adventure, so the people behind Getaway Cabin want you to not over plan your trip. Getaway also offers an artist residency for creatives who need a little unblocking. Each cabin comes equipped with a mini-kitchen and drinkable water, as well as a toilet and hot shower with biodegradable toiletries. This is the perfect little adventure that will jolt you out of your routine!


Rivertown Lodge

Located in the heart of Hudson Valley, Rivertown Lodge, is a staple of modern design and a chic inn experience. This former movie theater and motel was transformed into a 27-room oasis and “public living room” that’s a showcase of Hudson’s local artisans. The hotel was designed by Brooklyn studio Workstead, who have worked on The Wythe Hotel. Some of the rooms have unusual layouts— a problem the owners solved by building beds directly into them. Though these tend to be smaller rooms, they have since become fan favorites and are the first ones snapped up by guests. The perk of staying at Rivertown Lodge is not only the warm and cool design (which makes you feel like you’re in a Wes Anderson movie) but it’s also the accessibility to the town and the little shops all around.


Lake George
If you’re very outdoorsy, this is the perfect mountain getaway for you. Lake George is an hour drive from the city (you can take a bus there too). On the southern end of the lake is Fort William Henry, a British fort that appeared in the movie The Last of the Mohicans. The area is also home to the biggest marble cave on the East Coast. Lake George offers many rafting and outdoor activities, so be sure to check these out if that’s your thing.


This small town upstate is only about 2 hours away from the city (you can take the MetroNorth train) and offers a variety of different experiences fit for all kinds of different people. If you’re a minimalist who wants an unobstructed view of the changing leaves, then The Roundhouse is perfect for you (you may even want to splurge on a room with a circular tub overlooking the window). The best thing about being in Beacon though is the famous Dia:Beacon museum, which you can spend an afternoon just waltzing through after which you will be able to roam around the town and discover the little restaurants and shops!


Now this is a crowd favorite! Summer season is over and New Yorkers are fond of the beach, even when it starts to cool down. It is an increasingly popular spot for people fleeing the city for the Hamptons. Beyond the iconic lighthouse and classic beaches, Montauk is also home to the Surf Lodge restaurant and venue, as well as the Montauk Brewing Company. This trip is sure to be refreshing and momentarily make you forget all about Manhattan.


The Catskills
A weekend in the Catskills is a classic New York getaway, every year we are seeing more and more young people migrating towards the area for its beautiful nature. Beyond the hikes and other outdoor activities, the area has attractions like the Thomas Cole House and is home to the legendary Phoenicia Diner.

Photo via Getaway Cabins