Here’s an update on ‘Venom 3’ in case you were wondering

According to Sony producer, Amy Pascal, the movie is currently in the “planning stages” of development.

words by: Alee Kwong
Jan 29, 2022

The Lethal Protector is getting another sequel. The news of a third installment comes months after the premiere of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, which debuted in October 2021. During an interview with Collider, the Spider-Man: No Way Home producer confirmed that another Venom sequel is already in the works. Pascal couldn’t reveal too much, but provided fans with some solace by saying, “We are in the planning stages right now but what we are focused on is getting everybody to come and see No Way Home.”


The box office success of Venom: Let There Be Carnage

When Venom: Let There Be Carnage arrived in theaters in October 2021, the highly-anticipated sequel became a pandemic-era box office hit—with its opening weekend grossing $90 million. As of November 2021, the film has grossed over $400 million worldwide.



When will Venom meet Spider-Man?

With questions swirling around the potential for Venom and Spider-Man finally meeting one another, Pascal said, “There’s the wonderful movies that Sony makes, then there’s the Marvel universe, there’s our Spider-Verse movies, and we’re all very careful to work with each other in a way that is additive for everybody.”


Spider-Man fought the majority of his well-known adversaries in Spider-Man: No Way Home, so it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to believe that his introduction to Venom is that much further down the line. While Spider-Man isn’t always entangled with Venom and Eddie Brock in the comics, fans are still hoping to see the two go head-to-head soon.


Without spoiling the film, Venom: Let There be Carnage didn’t leave us much in terms of knowing the Lethal Protector’s next move. It’s unclear how Venom ties into the stories that both Marvel and Sony Pictures are currently working on, but what is clear is that Tom Hardy’s relationship with this symbiote is far from over.


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