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Vintage Gold Rush: Z Doszhan on the Culture of High Fashion

The stylist for the elite.

words by: Kayla Carmicheal
Nov 14, 2022

We often wonder where celebrities get their clothes. Outside of partnerships, outside of owning their own fashion houses, where do they go to remain on top of the latest trends? The answer for  football players, baseball players, and rappers like G Herbo, Lil Baby, and Richeyy Rich: 375 Showroom on New York’s Lower East Side.


375 is an insider’s supplier

This appointment-only, high fashion reseller is probably one of the best-kept secrets among the country’s elite. And one of the driving forces behind the showroom is Z Doszhan, its business manager.


We caught up with Z to talk about the showroom’s unique place in the industry, and what it’s like to sell high fashion in today’s fascinating market. For example, he uses TikTok, camera distortion, and collabs with other brands to access the broader, younger community.


“I believe that high fashion is reflected directly in the culture,” he says.


375 showroom 2

Photo via 375 Showroom


Fashion trends are cyclical. What’s in one day, could be out in the blink of an eye. But there’s always one constant in those trends, and that is fashion is always reflected by the culture it lives in. As a high fashion seller whose top brands in the showroom are Amiri, Rick Owens, and Balenciaga, Z knows that this could change in 12 months. But what makes them relevant today is what they’ve done for the tastemakers who wear them — giving another layer of meaning to the trends these brands inspire.


As Z says, in order to see the trends in high fashion, we should see what’s going on with popular music, popular artists, and politics. What he sells directly reflects and impacts all of these areas, and the prices he sells them at.


How 375 works for today’s customer

375 Showroom offers designer finds at discounted prices. While their clientele revolves around celebrities, Z mentions that their demographic isn’t set in stone, and this is because of their location and unique price point. When you browse the website, you can find up to 80% off on jeans or blouses. And suddenly, high fashion is more accessible.


The styles are only available for a limited time, which calls back to beginning as a pop-up on the LES.


375 showroom

Photo via 375 Showroom


“We have everything for a new type of customer.”


This is where high fashion and vintage intersect — as Z mentioned, “fashion sense is a personal reflection of who you are.” These two facets of clothing have something for everyone. For example, how many friends do you have with at least one pair of unforgettable kicks or a unique bag? We all have that one staple piece that we feel defines us.


That’s what 375 Showroom specializes in: Helping you find that one piece.


All collections are limited there, and that’s probably a reason why celebrities flock to the space. Much like vintage, once it’s gone, it’s gone. But in the supplier spirit, there’s always something new coming that’s just as perfect for you.


Fashion is about going against the grain, that’s a philosophy Z brings to 375 every day. It carves a space for itself with a unique business model and clientele, and doesn’t settle for the same old, same old — much like its business manager.


“When we don’t follow the rules, are we challenging ourselves?”


You can make an appointment or browse the online collection at 375 Showroom here. Don’t forget to follow them on TikTok or IG.


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375 Showroom
36 Ludlow St.
New York, NY 10002


Photo via Z Doszhan