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Vitra launches two new Sustainable Chair models

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Nov 2, 2020

Vitra, a Swiss family-owned furniture company and the manufacturer of the works of many internationally renowned furniture designers, recently held a free of charge and open to all Summit that looks critically at the future of art and design. During the summit, which was held as a digital conference, they released two new sustainable chairs.


The summit tackled the ever prescient topic of working from home, and how the very existence of the office as a workplace has been called into question this year. The two-day summit offered a unique opportunity to examine and reflect on the different ways in which people are impacted by this “new normal.” The specialist panels featured designers, business executives, scholars, IT specialists, journalists, and architects, all coming together to discuss how the current socio-political and environmental climate impacts our living environments, our interactions with colleagues and our general well-being.


Designed by Jasper Morrison, the EVO-C chair along with a new version of the Tip Ton chair that was created in 2011 in collaboration with Barber & Osgerby, were unveiled. The EVO-C chair was modeled after the iconic Vitra Panton Chair designed by Verner Panton, and was built using a gas injection molding technology with special care and attention to support and comfort. Its design however, allows it to disappear into the shape of the sitter. The special design of the chair means that it will last for a really long time, probably decades, making it belong to a line of furniture that is meant for a long lifespan.


The new and revamped Tip Ton chair on the other hair has been reconstructed from the original Tip Top chair using new material that is locally-sourced household waste. The grey color is dictated by the nature of the processed materials without adding extra colorants. The chair is 100% recyclable when it’s at the end of its product life span. 


You can check out the two new chairs on the Vitra website to see for yourself these new impeccable and environmentally sustainable designs.


Photo via Vitra