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Move over Amazon: We Buy Black now has a distribution center

Buy a “Big Black Bag.”

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jul 29, 2020

We Buy Black is the largest online marketplace to find Black-owned businesses. It’s a great resource for anyone that wants to support the Black community. And now you can actually buy products from the site, as well! 


The company recently announced  their new distribution center as a way to help Black entrepreneurs sell their products with no fuss. They wanted to eliminate the pressure of pitching to a retailer for placement or features in stores. 


“To date, the ‘holy grail’ for Black entrepreneurs has been getting their products on the shelves of a major retailer or featured on Amazon. In either scenario, the competition is fierce and there simply isn’t room for everyone at the table,” the company said in a statement. We Buy Black noticed the flaw in the system. One where the underdog stays an underdog. Frustrated over Amazon’s power they decided it was time to put the distribution of goods in someone else’s hands. “In Black hands. It’s simply not possible to grow and scale a business otherwise,” the founder said.


To start, the brand is offering customers a “Big Black Bag” for purchase. Bags are selling for $25, $50, $100, filled with Black-owned products (home, pantry, bath and beauty, clothing, games, books, etc.) and a free WeBuyBlack T-shirt. 


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