Watch the trailer for Key and Peele’s ‘Wendell & Wild’ now

It’s giving insta-classic.

words by: Kayla Carmicheal
Sep 10, 2022

At long last, the trailer for Key and Peele’s return as a duo is finally out. Renowned filmmaker Jordan Peele is notoriously busy. And if he keeps releasing movies as good as Get Out, Us, and NOPE, nobody will be complaining. Everyone knows that Peele’s home bases are horror, thriller, and everything spooky and scary, so it’s no surprise that his upcoming Netflix movie will fall under that category as well.


By now, Peele has made quite a name for himself outside of the beloved comedy series, Key and Peele. But, with Keegan Michael-Key in the cast, we really can’t wait for this one.



Wendell & Wild tells the tale of demon brothers (voiced by the duo) and arch-nemesis, Sister Helly the nun (Angela Bassett). If they want to earn their way out of hell, Helly has to be defeated. Not only her, but her acolytes, goth teens Kat Elliot (Lyric Ross) and Raul. Raul can’t see the demons, so it’s mostly up to Kat.


So, Kat summons Wendell and Wild to the Land of Living—and as the trailer shows, they don’t make things easy for her. Their antics are most likely what launches the movie into an adventure that blurs the lines between fantasy and horror. But of course, knowing Key and Peele, there’ll be a little comedy mixed in.


“Everyone’s got demons,” Kat says. “My demons have names.”


The trailer is nothing short of amazing, which is what we’ve come to expect from the director of The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline, Henry Selick. Obviously, he’s not new to stop-motion, and technology has clearly advanced.


The dark, ominous, green-and-black teaser shows us the spooky world Kat is thrust into, thanks to dealing with the demons. Fantasy and thriller definitely steal the show here—we see glimpses of a theme park, the trials of life and death, graveyards, and a monster house, filled with scary inhabitants.


Produced and penned by Peele and Selick, I’m absolutely ecstatic for this one. I’m not a scary movie person per se, but the creative visionaries behind this one have convinced me. Plus, the stop-motion animation makes way for the laws of reality to be blurred in a fantastic way, and this looks like PG-13 in the way that Selick’s two previous classics totally were, but also extremely creepy.


Wendell & Wild will premiere as part of “Netflix and Chills” on October 28 on Netflix, just in time for Halloween.


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Photo via Netflix