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When should I update my Skin Care routine?

5 perfect times.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Sep 4, 2021

Fact: your skin care routine should be updated with the seasons, and sometimes more frequently depending on the issues arising with your skin. Below are the five recommended times to switch your skin care products.


The expiration date has passed

Just like food, skin care products have an expiration date and need to be replaced when stated. If the expiration date is not listed, go by texture and smell. As a general rule of thumb, face masks expire after 3 months, acne products are every 4-6 months and moisturizers are every 12 months.


Moving homes

Change of climate brings new levels of humidity and air, and depending on where you’re going, harsher weather conditions that can impact your complexion and overall skin health. The water in your shower in your new city can also affect your skin.


Your skin has become dry and oily

The biggest sign to update your skin care is out-of-the-blue dry and oily skin. Attempt to understand what ingredient could be causing the dryness. Be sure to avoid products with alcohol.


You’ve started to break out, like a lot

Constant breakouts should warn you that something is not right. It’s possible that you are using products that don’t agree with your skin, but it’s also possible that you’ve been using a said product for far too long.


Clogged pores

If you have large pores, blackheads, or whiteheads, your pores are clogged and with continued use of expired products, your pores could become more clogged The best thing to do if you are experiencing any of this is to stop using the products and to see a dermatologist if these issues persist.


Be sure to patch test new products before you start using them and learn more about “clean” skin care while you’re at it.