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Fashion has returned to the White House, and we couldn’t be happier

No one jumps over the Jumpman.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Feb 17, 2021

When Joe Biden and Kamala Harris‘ family stepped out at the Inauguration with Jordans on, it was a wrap. Nikolas Ajagu, husband to Meena Harris, was in Dior Air Jordan 1s, and Maisy Biden had on the Jordan 1 Mid “Sisterhood.” The relaxed but on-trend take on their footwear furthered their “no-nonsense-get-the-job-done” aura they had during their campaign. Not even a solid month into this administration, and they have already received more style points than the Trump Family in their four year tenure.


Trump’s family paraded around in high fashion outfits that had no sense of style and only showed that they had the money to purchase it. They were unconcerned with small, ethical or underrepresented artists. Like so many things throughout that presidency: they wasted so much given power when it came to fashion.


It’s been a breath of fresh air to see the Biden and Harris family elevate American designers. It reminds us of Michelle Obama’s time in the White House, and her ability to give POC and American designers a well-deserved platform. We saw this sentiment when Joe Biden wore Ralph Lauren to the Inauguration, while Harris wore two young Black designers — Kerby Jean-Raymond of Pyer Moss and Christopher John Rogers, with ethically made pieces from Jonathan Cohen and Gabriela Hearst. Our First Lady wore an ocean blue coat and dress from New York designer Markarian. Their choices feel like they are selecting the right brand, at the right time by mixing in pieces of high value with economically friendly pieces to appeal to the struggling Americans affected by 2020.


Their fashion choices are strategic — they understand the gravity of the nation selecting the first female, first Black and first Asian Vice President; and an administration who wants to unify instead of divide America. Their dressing seems intentional and meaningful. And according to Launchmetrics, the estimated sales from the brands’ worn by the Biden’s and Harris’ since taking office has been monumental: Markarian gained $3.1 million in sales, Jonathan Cohen $1.8 million and Christopher John Rogers at $5.1 million.


Sales aside, we are so happy to see fashion in the White House again.


Photo via Reuters