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Avoid these foods for a Brighter Smile

words by: Natasha Marsh
Nov 17, 2020

The time indoors this year has redefined my beauty routine. Something I was neglecting without even realizing is my smile. I’ve been using cheap toothpaste, brushing too long and too hard, and a plethora of other bad things I’ve been doing that are negatively affecting my pearly whites. The biggest thing: the food I eat. 


We all know that too much wine and candy can result in cavities and poor enamel. But did you know there are many other foods that can do the same, including health foods! We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you need to avoid these things if you want shiny, white teeth



Personally, I love fermented foods and teas, especially kombucha. They work as probiotics and are packed with antioxidants to aid in gut health and inflammation. So I was sad to hear they made our no-no list. The high acidity can cause the enamel to weaken and stain teeth. Make sure you rinse your mouth after consuming as a prolonged period of low pH creates more room for erosion and bacteria.


Hard Seltzer

The sugar content in all alcohol is terrible for teeth and is the second biggest reason for cavities. Not to mention that carbonated beverages decrease the pH levels in the mouth, creating a more acidic environment and making the enamel vulnerable to bacteria. To prevent these side effects, making sure you are following up with water post seltzer to rinse out the mouth. 


Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Fall festive drinks like pumpkin spice lattes are some of winter’s favorites but also contain very high levels of sugar. The acidity is found to coat the teeth and again drops the pH level in your mouth. When you drink these, have water as well and avoid brushing your teeth after, as enamel is already vulnerable and brushing can remove any softened enamel. 



Excellent for inflammation but poor in pigmentation, causing teeth to yellow over time.


And if your teeth hurt, avoid these bad habits and try these toothpastes.