This Marvel character suspected to arrive very soon in the MCU

The Devil’s in the details.

words by: Alee Kwong
May 25, 2022

There’s no shortage of theories in the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom. While many theories about who the next big character to arrive come and go, one character seems to remain on people’s minds — the devil himself — Mephisto.


Who is Mephisto?


Mephisto is an extra-dimensional demon who rules over a pocket dimension he calls “Hell” or “Hades” — both of which are not related whatsoever to the Christian religion or the legends of Mount Olympus. Mephisto named his pocket dimension “Hell” as a means to exploit the fear that people on Earth have of Satan.


The shape that Mephisto has chosen to take on (looking like a literal devil-being) is another vehicle he uses to exploit and elicit fear. His true form is not known, but he is more than comfortable with this form, as it assists in his greater goal of obtaining and enslaving human souls.


He has had may run-ins with some well-known Marvel favorites, such as Thor, Scarlet Witch, Doctor Doom, Ghost Rider, Harry and Norman Osborn (Green Goblin), Doctor Strange, Franklin Richards (Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic and Sue Storm’s son), Black Panther, and Nightcrawler.


One of his most popular tricks that he’s played was on Peter Parker/Spider-Man in One More Day (2007). One More Day was the loose inspiration for 2021’s Spider-Man: No Way Home.


Similar to the MCU blockbuster, One More Day follows Peter Parker as he seeks out Mephisto’s help after Aunt May is wounded from a sniper bullet. If there’s one thing about Mephisto that you need to know, it’s that nothing is ever out of the kindness of his heart. There’s always a price to pay and trick up his sleeve that inevitably causes hurt and chaos.


Mephisto saw this desperate request from Peter Parker as an opportunity that fell into his lap and he happily took advantage of it. He not only saved Aunt May from death, but erased Parker’s marriage to Mary Jane Watson, along with the happiness and relief that came along with it. Ruining Parker’s personal life wasn’t enough — Mephisto also made Spider-Man’s identity public to the entire world.


Clues that point towards Mephisto


I’m going to take us back to January 2021. WandaVision just premiered on Disney+, and we had no idea what we were in for. If you aren’t familiar with the comics, Mephisto has a lot to do with the Scarlet Witch and her children, Tommy (aka Speed), and Billy (aka Wiccan). It’s going to get a little complicated, but just remember that this is the nature of comic books. Things get crazy and nonsensical pretty quickly.


In House of M (2005), Wanda Maximoff uses her powers to create twin sons out of thin air. Doing so tampered with the fabric of reality. Sounds just like the Disney+ series, right? Well, something that was not explained or brought forth in the Disney+ series was how Maximoff not only used her powers, but parts of Mephisto to create the twin boys.


It’s unclear whether or not Marvel Studios wants to tether Mephisto’s involvement in the creation of the twins to Maximoff’s search for her children, but with things looking very similar to House of M in the fourth phase of the MCU, it’s very possible.



Remember when I said that Mephisto enjoys taking on the appearance of Christianity’s version of Satan? Well, his deception paid off when he met stunt cyclist Johnny Blaze. When Blaze met Mephisto, he thought he was in front of Satan himself. Begging with “Satan” to save his stepfather, Crash Simpson, from dying at the hands of cancer, he bargained his own soul and agreed to be Mephisto’s Ghost Rider.


Mephisto saved Crash Simpson from cancer but — as he’s consistently up to the same old sh*t — he instead let Simpson die from injuries he sustained from performing an unsuccessful motorcycle stunt. Again, nothing is ever free or fair with this guy.


Ghost Rider has been a Marvel character that fans have wanted to see back in the Marvel film fold for a while now, but his presence never made a whole lot of sense in the “Infinity War” phases. Now that we are being catapulted into the more supernatural territories, Ghost Rider makes more than enough sense.


With Doctor Strange leading front and center, the introduction of Moon Knight, the potential reintroduction of the Punisher, and the upcoming reboot of Blade, we could be seeing the formation of the Midnight Sons — a super group that deals with the supernatural.


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