Why you wanna be our next feature

words by: Jefferey Spivey
Mar 22, 2018


In 2016, Squire set out on a mission to ease the hassles of getting in and out of your favorite barber’s chair, paying for their services, and exploring the best shops in your city. Since our launch, we’ve processed more than $30 million in bookings, on boarded barbershops in more than 20 cities, and earned praise from Forbes, TechCrunch, and Business Insider.

We’re passionate about the men’s grooming industry, and we understand the pivotal role that barbershops play in the lives of women, men, and families everywhere. We also recognize the barbershop as more than a place to get a haircut and a shave—it’s a place to network, stay informed about societal issues, and most important, feel a sense of community. Though we’ve made it easier for you to connect with your favorite shops or even discover new ones, we want you to feel that sense of community when you aren’t in the chair. That’s why we’ve created ULTRA.

ULTRA is a content platform covering everything within and beyond the grooming industry: custom designs, tattoo artists, entertainment, lifestyle, and everything in-between. We highlight the intersections of creative interest, local conversations, and the greater cultural dialogue.

The cities in which we operate are often urban meccas like New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco. They’re rich with stories, personality, and culture—something you’ve undoubtedly experienced during a haircut. ULTRA is a place to share those stories, spotlight those personalities, and profile that culture for a bigger audience. This is an opportunity to share life experiences and interests beyond the barber shop.

Head to your favorite shop and barber for a killer cut that keeps you looking good. Come to ULTRA to learn more about your barber, his or her passion for the industry, and how they got started in their career.

Our commitment to you:

Relevant: We’ll work tirelessly to deliver relevant content to our audience, inclusive of new services and experiences offered through Squire.

Individual: We’ll tell impactful, emotional stories about barbers from shops all around the world.

Craft: We’ll always keep a focus on the craft, highlighting what motivates these barbers to operate at the top of their game and how they do it.

Inspiration: We’ll only share stories that uplift and inspire.
Multimedia: We’ll offer content in various formats, including blog posts, features, and short films.

So, why ULTRA? Because getting a haircut is so much more than a service—it’s a cultural experience. That experience takes shape here.