Out of wine? Why not subscribe to a delivery service

5 to start you off.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Aug 9, 2020

It’s hard to imagine summer without bottomless brunches and outdoor activities. While some spots have started to, we’re still prepared for the worst. So we’re deeming wine subscriptions as an essential purchase while you stay at home. Check out some of our faves below. 


Winc Wine Club

One of the most popular subscriptions out there, and for good reason – you’ll receive three to four wines each month for as low as $39 a month. The process is quite simple: new members answer a six question survey to help narrow down tastes. This helps Winc eliminate the error of delivering a wine you don’t fancy. With easy cancellation and freedom to skip months, Winc is the perfect starter wine subscription.


Verve Wine Club

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated subscription box, Verve is the way to go. A bit pricier upfront, your monthly bill comes to $95 a month, but you’ll enjoy four bottles from a particular region or category, and literature that shares details about each wine. The nice thing is Verve also has stores in New York City and San Francisco, in case you like a wine so much and want to stock up. Which trust me, is inevitable.


Dry Farm Wines

Dry Farms wines are natural and have reduced sugar quantities to prevent a headache wine drinking sometimes brings. At $94 a month, you’ll receive three bottles of wine sourced from small family-owned European farms.



If you aren’t sure about a wine, tend to be picky, or just want a glass, why not go for Vinebox. Vinebox selects nine wines per season and delivers to members in vials, not bottles. Each vial has enough liquid for a glass serving. It’s exciting to receive nine new wines to try, and Vinebox will give you one credit per season to buy a bottle of one of the wines you tried, all for $72 per season.


Usual Wines

Wine-by-the-glass is trending and what better company than California’s Usual Wines. The grapes used have no pesticides or additives. A monthly box of $80 or a one-time box of $96, offers twelve 6.3 oz beakers of red, rose, or brut wine, or a mix of all three to keep your options open