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Sorry but your Skincare routine can’t be the same in the summer and winter

words by: Natasha Marsh
Oct 28, 2020

I never understood switching out your closet per season until I moved to New York and saw how small closets could be. Now – at the end of summer – I’ll put away my summer clothes and bring out my parkas, raincoats, beanies and scarves. This sense of transition should be applied to our skincare routines as well.


Contrary to popular belief, one skincare routine doesn’t fit every season. We aren’t saying you have to get rid of the products that make your skin feel amazing, we are saying the skin — especially your face — needs a little extra TLC during the colder months. 


Depending on your goals, in the winter it’s good to focus on hydrating and maintaining texture. Similar to applying layers to your body to keep out the cold, you should layer with your facial products in the winter. In the summer months, specifically in very hot climates, it’s important to have lightweight moisturizers and things with no weight – but in the winter, it is okay – and even necessary – to layer up.


You will want to invest in heavier gel and a face oil to seal in the goodness, this winter. A couple of our favorites are below.


Murdock London Post-shave balm ($44)


Grown Alchemist Enzyme Facial Exfoliant ($69)


Biossance Oil ($32)


Photo via Sephora/Biossance