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A tribute to trailblazing Women this Women’s History Month

Amazing examples.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Mar 17, 2021

As a content company focused on diversity and inclusion in the menswear space, we strive to produce content that speaks to multiple communities and sheds light breaking down stereotypes. For Women’s History Month, we would like to honor three females that are changing the world. Some names might be more recognizable than others but all are celebrated in politics, media, fashion and fitness.

The list is of course, short, and by no means exhaustive of the brilliant minds out there. But instead, a starting list of women who have caught our eye.


Abby Phillip — CNN Anchor, ‘Inside Politics’

We’ve been following Abby around for a couple years now. The former CNN political correspondent, Abby Phillip is the new senior political correspondent and anchor of Inside Politics Sunday. The program first aired on January 24.


Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison — Co-founders, GirlTrek

Vanessa Garrison and Morgan Dixon met while in college in South California. The two immediately hit it off and deeply bonded on their concern over the obesity levels and health concerns in the Black community, specifically for Black women. At the time, the two were working different jobs but decided to come together to form GirlTrek, a walk and talk meditation that provides a safe space for Black women to unwind. In these walk and talks, they often discuss trailblazing women that came before them 50, 100, 150 and more years ago — to gain the same tools of survival to continue in the current climate. Garrison and Dixon’s goal was to get 1 million Black females to walk by reclaiming the streets and getting fit for the revolution. With each step, Black women get stronger for the fight.


Ciara May — Founder, Rebundle

Black hair is the most versatile hair out there. Black women find joy in changing their hairstyle and often look to synthetic hair to accomplish certain styles. Often times, without our knowledge, the chemicals in the fake hair are so toxic that our skin or scalp, can react poorly to it. After a bad reaction, entrepreneur Ciara May decided to do something. Her solution: a plant-based hair extensions company, Rebundle. The business not only provides cruelty free and non-toxic extensions to Black women but also brings Black ownership to the hair industry, where most profit off Black products but few Black people own those products.


Photo via Uptown Grand Central