ULTRA presents: Feel The Vibes Playlist

Celebrating the women who’ve always championed health and wellness.

words by: Kai Acevedo
Mar 23, 2021

The health and wellness business is booming. It’s been projected that the industry, which encompasses personal care, fitness, personalized medicine, nutrition and other categories, will observe significant growth over the course of the next few years. The news isn’t surprising either.


Everybody is seemingly talking about healthy living in one way or another nowadays. Especially with more and more of us getting in touch with our inner selves in response to all of the social distancing, remote working and learning, lockdowns and quarantines we’ve experienced in the last year. Creatives from all walks of life are continuing to stock up on books and listen to podcasts that touch on how tender love and care could lead to creative and emotional breakthroughs. Rappers from the old school and new school, from Styles P to G Herbo are now stressing that health is gangsta and that mental health treatment is necessary.


While stimulating the mind, body and soul is trending now, some of R&B’s queens of cool have been ahead of the curb. They’ve been vibing on different frequencies long before collecting crystals, experimenting with essential oils and burning sage and incense were cool things to do. Throughout the years, soul sisters have been shining examples of how looking, feeling and being good could be a movement and a lifestyle at the same time. And their music has been a reflection of their alternative realities.


Erykah Badu encouraged listeners to embark on soul searching journeys, while also warning them about bad vibes and not carrying around too much baggage. Neo-soul songstresses such as Jill Scott and India Arie preached the importance of self love, a peaceful state of mind, maintaining balance and living life like it’s golden. A refreshing wave of calm, collected, courageous and confident divas have continued to carry on the traditions and are exploring themes such as meditation, happiness, feminism, sexuality, love, heartache and energy with their music. Contemporary Zen masters such as Jhené Aiko, SZA, Ari Lennox and many others resonate with music loving Gen Zers and millennials seeking enlightenment as well as good tunes.


There are many ways to salute a queen during Women’s History Month. Here, we show love to the artists that have curated some of the best vibes and moods to take it easy to and also vibrate to new levels with. Relax your mind, let your conscience be free, zone out and celebrate spring with ULTRA’s Feel The Vibes playlist.



Photo via YouTube/SZA