Working from home but missing the office? There’s a website for that

“I Miss The Office.”

words by: Natasha Marsh
Aug 9, 2020

I thought working from home with roommates was rough. With no personal space and no control of volume, I found myself annoyed everyday. Then I spoke to friends who live alone and realized I have it pretty good. My friends quickly admitted working from home alone sucks. They crave companionship, noises other than their computer, office politics, and some with really great cafeterias – free food. 


Hoping to offer some solace, I stumbled upon Berlin-based creative agency Kid’s new tool – known as, “I Miss The Office.” If you too have been missing the familiar sounds of the office, you should check it out. The website has all your favorite noises like the squeaking of an armchair, the grinding of the office coffee machine and telephones ringing. 


Usually at work, you put in headphones to block out the distractions. With “I Miss The Office,” it’s the reverse. The site allows you to choose how many colleagues you have. The more employees, the noisier it will get. You can even click on common areas of the office, like the staircase to hear someone walking, or a neighbor’s computer to hear their clicks instead of yours. 


Although the site is quite humorous, it might be the perfect companion to combat the loneliness of quarantine life.