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Work-From-Home Tips from the ULTRA Team

words by: Natasha Marsh
Oct 19, 2020

The ULTRA team has been working from home since March, which marks October as our eighth month in this new normal. Like many, gathering our bearings took time and effort. Some of us transformed our spaces into offices, others welcomed the distractions of family members and roommates. While others, relished in the alone time that afforded them the luxury to accomplish all tasks.


With that being said, working from home has its challenges. Sometimes there are too many distractions, not enough boundaries or comfortable workspaces. We wanted to offer up what’s working for our staff, in hopes to inspire your most motivated work-from-home-self. Good luck!


“Working from home and investing in yourself goes hand-in-hand. My biggest advice is to set up your workstation with the best possible equipment – screen, chair, keyboard, etc. Some companies have offered to pay for their employees. If you don’t have the resources to invest in everything, prioritize the chair. Your chair is where you’re spending the most time during the day while working and a good one makes a huge difference. I just bought a Secret Lab Titan myself and highly recommend it.”

Matt, Digital Editor


“While at the beginning, working from home kind of felt like a dream come true situation, it very quickly became difficult. I recommend leaving your bed first and foremost when you start working and don’t fall for the ‘I’ll work from bed for a little bit before moving to the desk.’ Ideally, you’d have a work section with a table and a chair that is outside of your bedroom. Making hard distinctions and separations between workspaces and rest spaces is so important when you’re working from home all the time. Your mental health will thank you for it.”

Sahar, Staff Writer


“I’m currently quarantined in my childhood home, living with my mom. Although we are super close and I love my house, the distractions are endless. I find that whenever a family member wants to hang out with me, I’m too quick to agree. The first few months I was falling for this too many times, I’ve now learned to close my door or politely set boundaries with my loved ones. I am such a fan of a schedule and when in office that was easy, you were there for a certain amount of hours and more or less knew what you had to do and what was expected from you daily. At home, you have more responsibility to get things done so I’ve been relying on a to-do list. Sometimes my to-do list is made weekly but other days when I’m bombarded with work it becomes a daily thing. Organization is key when you have free range.”

Natasha, Staff Writer 

“Usually people say to dress like you’re going to the office, but I find that I like to be as comfortable as possible. A hoodie and some sweats are a go for me when working from home and also having a desk that you feel the most productive in. Mine usually looks like a cup of coffee/tea, water, a notebook and some snacks when I feel like it. It’s important for me to work in a separate room entirely of where I sleep because it’s good discipline. Also if you’re the type to work out, I usually do it in the mornings to keep myself energized since I can’t take my normal walks to and from the office.”

Madeline, Content Coordinator