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Ways to unplug when WFH

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Oct 27, 2020

At this point, some of us may be struggling with establishing boundaries and separation between working at home and living in the same space. What first started out as a nice change of pace, perhaps a slowing down, could by now have escalated to feeling crammed, uninspired, and unable to focus. I can assure you that this is normal and there are some ways that can help you unplug when WFH gets you down. Aside from asking for time off and these tips, try out the below.


Decide on a time to “shut down” and create a ritual around it

This may sound unrealistic, but creating boundaries and sticking to a time to end your “work day” can do wonders for your mental health and well-being. Decide on a time where you shut down your computer and declare the work day over. This time is different for each person and depends on when you start your work day. A helpful tip is to build a ritual around it: for example you can create tomorrow’s to-do list and plan out your work day. Doing this helps your brain understand that there are no loose ends, and that whatever thought is lingering still will be dealt with in the morning.


Get up

As in physically get out of your chair, stand up or walk around your room/house for 5 minutes. Try to completely disconnect from your work area and create a shift in your energy.


Plan an activity for post-work

That may be as simple as taking a shower to shed the work day off, or making dinner. Whatever that means for you, make a plan and stick to it. Make sure to have an activity ready for you, something that excites you and encourages you to unplug. 



I’ve recently taken up coloring: apparently, adults can do it too. I was looking for ways to unplug after a screen-heavy work day. Sometimes your mind is still wired up and it might be more difficult to immediately separate from a work and productivity headspace. I’ve found that taking up coloring helped in easing me into the second part of my night, where I was ready to do some relaxing.