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It’s time to get off the couch and Exercise

If you can spend an hour on Instagram, you can spend an hour working out.

words by: Thugwife
Oct 5, 2021

Previously, I found myself full of excuses for why I wasn’t going to the gym; I’m tired after being on my feet all day, I don’t like the way people stare at me in the gym, blah blah bullshit.


But real growth starts when you’re tired of your own shit. If you are lacking motivation like I was, you aren’t alone and it helps to know that motivation actually precedes action.


All you have to do is start. Here’s how:


Set a time

In Jay Shetty’s podcast On Purpose: 5 Ways to Find Balance Between Your Ambition and Wellbeing to Reach Your Potential & Succeed in Work and Life he speaks about non-negotiables, the things we absolutely need to sustain ourselves, However, too frequently the things we give up first in pursuit of our goals are the non-negotiables. He advises to schedule these non-negotiable acts into your schedule first and everything else around them. Since I know I am too tired to work out after being on my feet all day, I begin my day with a trip to the gym.


Set a place

You don’t need a gym to workout. If you are more comfortable working out at home, order some simple equipment to help you make your beginning. For example, resistance bands, ankle weights, exercise ball, one kettle bell. Tight on cash? Thug it out and find something heavy to lift in your home. Or just opt for Pilates and yoga.


Do things you enjoy

FitPlan is a great app that has monthly and yearly subscriptions available with access to over 100 different training programs by various trainers. Only want to train with body weight? No problem. Want a bigger booty? So do most others. Finding a trainer that has the body composition you are striving for is the best way to get to your results. Their methods are tried and true.


If this all still seems like too much, try activities. Walking for 30 minutes continuously at a good pace is shown to be as effective as going to the gym and it’s good for your mental health. Going on a bike ride will allow you to enjoy your city’s scenery, smelling roses (hopefully) rather than other people’s sweat.


Whatever you choose to do, just choose to do something.


Make working out a game by downloading Strava. You can also try these YouTube walking workouts by Rick Bhullar.