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If you Workout, here’s a starter Skincare routine for you

The sweat will be unavoidable, but you can do this to help.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Sep 14, 2022

As an avid marathon runner, I am constantly working out. I love the way my body is impacted from a hard run or cross training workout. I love seeing the sweat pour, indicating how hard I’m working. I love seeing my legs shake in a Pilates class as I utilize smaller muscles that aren’t usually activated in running. And I love the endorphin rush and the peace of mind that comes with long runs. The point I’m trying to make is I love working out. Equally, I love clear skin.


My established facial routine is quite minimal, and consists of gentle cleanser, hydrating moisturizer, and an SPF. On days I feel like I need a bit more, I’ll add a dew-inducing serum on top for an extra glow. However, my intense 6-day workout schedule isn’t always the kindest on my skin.


Combine that with my travel schedule and lack of sleep, and I basically get breakouts, excess redness, and overall congestion. Which is funny when you realize exercising is often the key to combatting aging. But I digress. To help with this, I’ve assembled some tips and tricks for the workout-obsessed to keep your skin clear.


The routine

Firstly, and hopefully we don’t sound like a broken record, apply sunscreen before working out outdoors. The SPF will act as a barrier to the sweat and help your skin overall. If you happen to workout with a face mask or notice acne is sprouting from working out, you’ll want to use a mild salicylic or lactic treatment on your face, either after working out or right before. This acts as a spot treatment and will help blemishes from forming while protecting the rest of the skin.


Another paramount tip for the workout-obsessed is to always rinse or wash your face post-workout. You want to make sure you are freeing the skin of any sweat or possible sweat that could build up. The idea here is that sweat is inevitable for most and you will just want to keep your skin as clean as possible after you workout.


For the skin on your body, it works the same. Make sure you change out of your workout clothes as soon as possible to avoid any irritation, itchiness, and body acne. Failure to do so can cause all the bacteria, body oil, and dead skin cells on your workout clothes to transfer to your skin.
Thankfully with these handy tips, you don’t have to ditch sweat sessions to bypass acne.


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