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The first flying car officially took off in Dubai

The Jetsons, but make it green.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Oct 23, 2022

The two-seater electric VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) X2 flying car from Chinese tech company XPENG AEROHT made its first public flight earlier this month from Skydive Dubai in Dubai Marina, United Arab Emirates.


The X2 aircraft completed its historic 90-minute test flight after taking off in Dubai, ushering in a brand new future for short-haul travel and intelligent mobility solutions. The Dubai Chamber of Commerce supported this endeavor and the special flight that debuted in the Emirates. The X2, which was separately created by XPeng subsidiary XPeng Aeroht, is the most recent version of a flying automobile. It is equipped with an intelligent flight control system with autonomous flight capabilities.


Now some may already be talking about the environmental damage that a creation like this could cause. Most recently, celebrities were being criticized for taking absurdly short flights, so what would make this different. In reality, the X2 produces zero carbon emissions while it’s in flight and the car is capable of speeding up to 130 kilometers per hour.


This marked XPENG X2’s first public presentation following the completion of the particular procedures involving  risk evaluation and after obtaining a special flying license from the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA). More than 150 people witnessed this initial flight, including those from the Chinese Consulate in Dubai, the Dubai International Chamber of Commerce, the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism, as well as international media. X2’s first flight was followed by a Keynote presentation given by Vice Chairman and President of XPENG, Brian Gu, who addressed the future of mobility and how this flying car will make a shift in the way our modern world is experienced.


The test flight took place alongside GITEX Global 2022, the largest & most inclusive tech show in the digital economy, which was hosted by the Dubai World Trade Centre. The event, now in its 42nd year, brings together the most innovative businesses and brightest minds from 170 nations to discuss a wide range of tech-related issues, including the future mobility and systems. On the first day of the GITEX international exposition, the XPENG X2 flying car, on display at the XPENG AEROHT pavilion Za’abeel Hall 3, captured the attention of hundreds of attendees.


I’ve always wondered why we don’t have flying cars yet, seeing as we had the technology for it. This expedition seems to usher in a new world of potential when it comes to transportation and the future of mobility. If they manage to keep the environmental damage to a low, I think this could be a great alternative to our current transportation systems.


Also in the fight against climate change, Patagonia’s owner gave away the company.


Photo via Xpeng Aeroht