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Designer turns recycled down jackets into padded chairs, and they’re cool as hell

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Feb 16, 2021

Yeon Jin Yeong, a Seoul-based industrial designer, is famed for making contemporary interpretations of traditional Korean furniture. This time around, the artist is recycling down jackets into padded chairs that not only look cool, but also seem to be the comfiest piece of furniture you can ever own.


Now, you can liven up your living room by purchasing these unique sculptural pieces from his label Shirter—all the while forsaken the universe from your (probably) unnecessary Ikea purchase.


The collection is simply titled Padded Chair, where each of the two chairs have been reconstructed with padded nylon. The black chair comes in a sleek build, without any armrests, while the gray piece is low and has stubby legs and a wide seating area. The chairs are quite mesmerizing to look at, with playful details included in the finishes and the legs. They look like sculptural pieces you could find at the Noguchi Museum, and are sure to bring your home the much needed Zen vibes it deserves.


Photo via @wolleysea