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You should get used to seeing loafers everywhere

Brown loafers are in.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Mar 10, 2020

Although it’s been a mild winter, it’s still winter. Wearing open toed shoes could cause stares from those of us still bundled up. But pain is beauty right? Lately we’ve been seeing a lot of guys in loafers. We saw a guy commuting to work in gorgeous chocolate brown loafers paired with striped socks. A dad dropping his daughter off at school with a slick black penny loafer. Then a plethora of guys in fashion-forward loafers at all four fashion weeks this season. Could it be that loafers are trending again? Or maybe, they’ve never gone away? 

Originally gaining popularity by brands like G.H. Bass & Co’s Weejuns, loafers had a permanent presence with corporate workers for their sleek shape and no-frills style. They became mainstream when luxury brands put their spin on it. Gucci’s 2015 launch of the Princeton mule or Margiela’s ridged sole loafer resembling a luxury running shoe, brought attention to the shoe and competing brands soon took note. Dr. Martens Adrian loafer, Converse one star loafer, and ASICS collab with GMBH showed that the style was available at all different price points. 



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Trends often start on the runway and work they way down to the streets. Seeing that loafers were both on the catwalk and show goers, we think it’s only a matter of time till they are everywhere. It’s hard to say if the rise of the loafer will surpass sneakers and boots but it’s definitely having a moment. 

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