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Young people, you may have unclaimed Money lying around

Get that cheddar ASAP!

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jun 26, 2020

Four months into the pandemic, you might be thinking of new ways to better your financial situation. Do you take on extra work? Do you pick up a side job? Both good but what if there was a simple way?

If you have a few minutes, try checking if you have free unclaimed money. Unclaimed money is uncollected money that is sent to state governments to handle. It could be from insurance, closed bank accounts, overpayments, utility companies and payroll. 

For example, if you accidentally overpay on anything – say a doctors appointment – the company in question will give you an allotted period of time, like one year, to claim the amount. If you don’t claim the money in their deadline, it gets placed to a government agency. A quick search from any of the below will show you if you have unclaimed moeny. The process is quite simple: register with your full name, address, email and ID to find out the results in minutes.


Credit Karma

    • Requirements: maiden name, address, city where you work, driver’s license/state ID, social security, W-2
    • Steps: Register with all required information, file claim, get claim money in the mail a few weeks later

    • If you’ve lived in multiple states, you can discover unclaimed money here. Warning, they only service 39 states. If your state is not listed, try the below option. 


Nationwide Unclaimed Money Search

    • Brilliant because you can search for the proper website by state. Simply enter “New York” and you’ll see a list of search tools to find unclaimed money in New York. 


IRS Unclaimed Tax Returns

    • Does the IRS owe you money? The nice thing is you have three years to claim any money that is rightfully yours. Sometimes the money doesn’t get to you because the address or bank account on file is wrong. Simply go to Where’s My Refund? to find out. 


Even if you don’t think you have unclaimed money, would you really miss out on the potential of hundreds or thousands of dollars waiting for you?