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Your Beard wants you to read this

4 beard necessities.

words by: Jacob Seferian
Jan 23, 2020

Touch your head. Soft, right? Now move a few inches down. How does your beard feel? If the answer isn’t also soft, keep reading.

Beards – so many men have them, so few care for them. Like all hair that grows from your body, it needs attention and product. But before we get into that, a brief science lesson: as follicles grow they pull moisture away from the skin. Ever experience itchy, dry skin while trying to grow out your beard? Point in case. Often times, our skin needs a bit of backup moisture. This is where products like beard balm and oil come in.

What’s great about these grooming tools is that in addition to hydrating your facial hair, they also soothe your skin, lightly scent, and help style your beard. “[If they have a bad beard] their scraggly ass hair feels like it’s exfoliating my lips off,” says my female co-worker. From the mouth of God to your Amazon Wish List: consider these essentials to keep your beard healthy and the women in your life happy.


Baxter Beard Oil

Baxter of California – $24

Coarse hairs are not a good look. A fast-absorbing oil with a dose of avocado oil and vitamin E, this product helps prevent dryness long after it’s applied. A very practical purchase for adults of all skin types.


Beardbrand – $9

This mustache/beard wax is small enough to fit in your pocket and is perfect for styling, with a subtle earthy scent that will keep you facial hair looking and feeling fresh all day.


Zeus – $16

Imagine not just letting the water run down your face and into your beard, but actually cleaning it. Go figure. This lemon lime shampoo is designed specifically for facial hair follicles. You won’t regret incorporating this Zeus product into your daily routine.



Beard Balm

Scotch Porter – $20


Repeat after me: moisturize is my friend. This balm is unrivaled when it comes to taming thick hairs, and the scent – “a blend of carnation, with subtle notes of sandal wood, powdery musk and spicy undertones” – is chef’s kiss.


* * * 

All of these products can be found online or at local retailers. You take care of the hair on your head, so why wouldn’t you put a similar effort into tending to the hair on your face?

A better beard makes a better you. Nietzsche said that